Enrolling in the Lee Public Schools

Per vote of the Lee School Committee, families outside of Lee can enroll in the Lee Public Schools for the 2022-2023 school year. Interested families can complete the School Choice Application form and submit to:
Lee Public School's Office of the Superintendent 300A Greylock Street (413) 243-0276

Enrollment Forms:

Listed below are important enrollment forms:
-Cumulative Record Information/Registration
- Lee Public Schools - Emergency Information Card (completed on card stock)
- Home Language Survey (delivered by the district in person)
- Lee Middle and High School Guidance Department: Checklist
-School Choice Application Form
-Massachusetts School Health Record Form
- Over the Counter (OTC) Release Form
These forms can be obtained at the school and/or district office, and several are available online.

Enrollment Information

We are pleased to welcome you to the Lee Public Schools. This resource is intended to support the enrollment process into our community. There are various pathways to enrolling in the Lee Public School District, as follows:

I. Entering(starting) School: Students starting their formal education in the Lee Public Schools, Kindergarten.

II. School Choice: Students who reside outside of Lee, but who seek to attend the Lee Public Schools.

III. Transfer: Students who are currently attending another school and seek to transfer into the Lee Public Schools.

IV. Homeless Students, Students in Foster Care, or Children of Military Families: Students with a transitional housing status.

V. Tuition: Students who tuition in from Tyringham and Otis.

Please follow the appropriate link(s) to learn more about each pathway.
The Lee Public Schools shall admit students without regard to race, color, sex, religion, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, homelessness, foster care status, family's military status, or physical and intellectual differences. The national citizenship of any applicant shall not be a criterion for admission to any public school nor shall national citizenship be a factor in the assignment or availability of courses of study or extracurricular

Proof of Residency
Proof of Residency

All students who enter the Lee Public School District, regardless of pathway, are required to provide Proof of Residence which includes at least ONE document from EACH of the columns (A and B) as proof of residency.